with the sharks
Coming soon.

Live a unique experience in the company of sharks! Accompanied by one of our biologist, you will learn more about these magnificent cartilaginous fish as they swim around you. A great interaction and scientific adventure awaits you.

Feed the rays
Coming soon.

Mentored by our marine biologists,
enjoy a hands-on experience with stingrays
and get to know them.

Virtual nature

Dive into a fun and immersive augmented reality experience with our interactive activities, including Vertigo – an interactive mat – and a 3D projection to discover marine mammals.

Sleep with

the sharks

Coming soon.

A day as a biologist

Coming soon.

The food area

Accessible exclusively to visitors, the Food Area is ideal for those who want a quick bite. With 80 seats, a fast service and a playground for children, it is the perfect spot to have a small break.


Bring back a souvenir from Odysseo! Accessible to both visitors and non-visitors, our gift shop is full of thoughtful mementos: plush toys, clothes, books, educational games on the marine environment, jewellery, and much more!