Anguilla mossambica

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Also known as African longfin eel. Diet: eats dead or living prey but especially fish and crabs
Max. Size: 150 cm
Fun Fact: Anguilla mossambica is a demersal, catadromous eel. Spending the majority of its life in both quiet and fast flowing freshwater, brackish and coastal habitat, this eel makes one spawning migration to the open ocean where it is then thought to die. Arriving at the coast as transparent glass eels, these eels begin to gain pigment becoming elvers that ascend rivers mainly at night and overcome waterfalls and walls of small dams in order to migrate upstream towards suitable growth habitat. Like other anguillids, however, there is likely to be a portion of the population that remain almost exclusively in coastal habitat without making prolonged ascents into freshwater habitat.

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