Holothuria atra

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Also known as Diet: Ingests sand and debris and a green macroalga (Halimeda sp.)
Max. Size: 60 cm
Fun Fact: Sea cucumbers have five rows of paired tentacles on the surface of the body. They are used for locomotion and for feeding. This species is known to host the pearl fishes Encheliophis gracilis and Encheliophis vermicularis. This fishes can be a parasite of the lollyfish, feeding on gonads and respiratory tree of its host. Known to release a wine-colored exudate when rubbed vigorously. This species has high concentrations of atratoxin (A, B1 and B), antimicrobial agents which showed high activity against various yeasts and fungi. Moreover, the ethanol extracts from it have antifungal properties effective against the yeasts, Saccharomyces lypolytica and Candida lypolytica.

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