Veterinary clinic for sea turtles

Corals are the builders of the ocean, playing a crucial role in the marine ecosystem. Indeed, they are the building blocks of the majestic coral reefs which support about 25% of all marine creatures. As such, they act as homes for fish, molluscs and crustaceans; serves as their hospitals, where wounded creatures can get treated by other fish; and is a reproduction area of choice for its inhabitants. The coral, this essential but often misunderstood animal, is however in serious danger: one only has to see the state of our lagoons, choking with whole graveyards of bleached or dead corals, to realise the urgency of the situation.

Odysseo, in partnership with the University of Mauritius, will set up a coral regeneration programme. A protected and controlled environment will be developed for the corals to reproduce and grow in ideal conditions. Once ready, they will be reintroduced into the ocean to continue their role as its natural engineers.