Conservation through education

More than a wonderful immersion into our oceans, Odysseo aims to sensitise visitors to the beauty, importance and increasing vulnerability of the marine world. It is essential to understand this complex ecosystem and the treasures that it holds. Only then, will one grow to love it and fully participate in its protection. We will reach out and build strong and long-lasting relationships with schools and universities by hosting continuous events and keeping our doors open for regular excursions. The purpose is not only to instil knowledge, but more importantly, to spark a real passion for the underwater world from a young age.

Our educational programme


Educational programme

Odysseo offers an array of educational programmes. By focusing on nature and its essential role in our daily life, we seek to encourage visitors to better understand and build a stronger bond with our oceans.


Fun, creative, participative and adapted to all ages, our educational programmes aim to expand student knowledge on the interconnectedness of the ocean and humankind. Knowledge areas are covered include earth sciences, living organisms, natural science, technology and nature, and marine conservation, amongst others.
Numerous educational activities are also available to the public!