The journey

The lagoon

Jump off the boat and immerse yourself in the heart of the Mauritian territory: the lagoon, its calm waters and surprisingly rich biodiversity. Discover the life of this unique ecosystem with its beaches, brightly multi-coloured fish, seagrass beds, mangroves and coral reefs.

Inland forests

After the lagoon, it is now time for a small excursion inland. Here, just like in the entire oceanarium, you will discover species in their habitat. Explore our lakes, rivers and forests, and say hi to their diverse freshwater, insect and reptile inhabitants.

The coral reefs

As you leave the inland forest, dive into the majestic blue waters of the Indian Ocean to discover our coral reefs. This lively and fragile ecosystem will reveal its best kept secrets and astonishing biodiversity.

Open sea

Ready for a fully immersive experience? Stingrays, sharks, eels and a multitude of fish will swim alongside you when you pass through the tunnel. A real underwater trip without a scuba mask or tank.

Sea lab

Here is another space full of discoveries and surprises! Temporary thought-provoking exhibitions; a dry and wet lab featuring interactive activities; a classroom to watch mesmerising documentaries and explore the oceanic environment in depth… this is a fun space to learn even more!

The invertebrates

Did you know that invertebrates make up 95% of animal species on our planet? Let’s take a journey through the fascinating world of these incredibly adaptive creatures and their fantastic evolutionary history.

Sub oceanic view

Our mission: get people to understand sharks better. Unjustly persecuted, this fascinating prehistoric predator has adapted to our changing planet for millions of years and it is time to protect them. Discover, at the same time, how all oceans are interconnected.