S’cool of the sea

S’cool of the Sea

S'cool of the sea

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Plouf, Glou-Glou, Sharky, Tek-Tek, Spiky et Yoctopus await you for a unique day at Odysseo!

Come spend the day with fishes, sea stars, rays, sharks, and many others. The wonderful world of marine animals will no longer hold any secrets for you, and you will get to be part of our team of caretakers for a day!

This activity will be organized around practical fun workshops and mini classes. You will have the privilege of circulating in the secret passages of Odysseo, being in contact with animals and taking care of them.

Monday to Friday

Time : 9 Am to 3 Pm

Minimum : 4 People

Maximum : 8 People 


  • Participants must be aged 8+
  • The participants must remain with their tutor at any time of the day and follow the instructions
  • No running inside the premises 
  • No hands inside the tanks without the approval of the tutor
  • Booking must be made 3 days in advance